About Me

Creative with a digital view, web-savvy and news-addict while seeking harmony between online and offline. Ambitious, but down to earth and sometimes a bit headstrong but always eager to learn new things.


E-mail marketing, Database Marketing, CRM, Online Marketing Strategy, Web analytics, Web development ((X)HTML, PHP, JQUERY, CSS), Database Management (SQL), Project Management and intermediate proficiency working with the Adobe Creative Suite.

This keeps me busy.

Here's what i've been up to lately. Please feel free to contact me in any way if you have any questions or you require more information regarding one of my latest projects.


Latest project

  • Webdevelopement PHP / HTML / JQUERY / CSS
  • CMS CMS implementation with a custom theme and seperate dataroom

  • Online Marketing Affiliate marketing / SEO / SEA
  • Webdevelopement PHP / HTML / JQUERY / CSS
  • CMS Custom CMS implementation / Product feeds.

  • Online Marketing Concept / SEO / SEA
  • Webdevelopement PHP / HTML / JQUERY / CSS
  • CMS Custom CMS implementation.

Hang out? Coffee?

Every project is different. One size does not fit all. That's the reason why i'm happy to discuss your project / idea over a good coffee, so the challenge is fully understood.

Want to discuss a new idea / project? Drop me a line.